The artwork for Beneath The Surface

And here it is, the brand new artwork for our upcomming album BENEATH THE SURFACE!

As for our last album MAN OR MACHINE we engaged the Hungarian artist Peter Tikos.

For this cover, it was important for us to express the message of the album especially of its main song.
As you might have recognized, we used a new alternative logo. It was drawn by our designer Pauline.

The album will be available on 28th january 2013 and, of course, you can get it via our online store.
Further imformation will be posted soon.

Tour with W.A.S.P.

As you might have recognized, we will be on tour with the unique Shock Rocker W.A.S.P.
. For the shows, Dark at Dawn will open up the shows and we will play directly before W.A.S.P. .
We will have 13 gigs mostly in Germany, but there are also gigs in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Swiss.
We look forward for the upcoming shows and, of course, we will perform some new songs ;-)
Don’t miss the opportunity, it’ll totally worth it !
If you want us to play in your town, feel free to ask for the “DAY OFF”-dates or also other dates :-)

Tue Oct 30th D Köln Live Music Hall
Wed Oct 31st D Bochum Zeche
Fri Nov 2nd NL Tilburg 0 13
Sat Nov 3rd B Antwerpen Trix
Fri Nov 16th D München Backstage Werk
Sat Nov 17th D Stuttgart LKA Longhorn
Sun Nov 18th DAY OFF DAY OFF
Sun Nov 19th A Linz Posthof
Fri Nov 30th D Nürnberg Rockfabrik
Sun Dec 2nd D Hamburg Markthalle
Mon Dec 3rd D Neu-Isenburg Hugenottenhalle
Wed Dec 5th D Osnabrück Rosenhof
Thu Dec 6th D Memmingen Kaminwerk
Fri Dec 7th CH Pratteln Z7

Our new label – CENTURY MEDIA

Some weeks ago IT happens! We can announce with proud our label change from Sonic Attack to CENTURY MEDIA.
We expect a lot of that collaboration and we are very satisfied of the huge support we got.

On january 26th 2013 our next album „Beneath The Surface“ will be released via CENTURY MEDIA. To reduce the waiting period we’ll release a single and a video of our new song FROM OUTER SPACE“ at the end of october.
Stay tuned!

Cheers, Alex

Der Detze rockt! 2012

Oh, what a party weekend that was! On August 18th we played at the Der Detze Rockt Open Air in Daun-Rengen. It was an extremely hot day (about 35°C in the shade), so we could only cool ourselves with a lot of ice-cold beer :D Before we started playing, our friends from Iron Kobra and ValSans had rocked the stage. Following their performances, we played a great show although we had some slight technical difficulties. But all in all, it was an awesome gig. We even had three new songs in our set.
There are also pictures of this show – click here!

After our show, we enjoyed the shows of Vanderbuyst, the speed metal legend WARRANT and a cover band named Hack.

Hail to the whiskey-coke-mix!

Rock im Betonwerk (RiB IV)

In the year 2009, a band named SATIN BLACK played at the first edition of Rock im Betonwerk. At that time, they were a newcomer band and only few fans knew them.
On the 9th August 2012, the fourth edition of the festival took place and over the years, the festival has become a regionally popular festival. This year, we had the opening slot, but, Hell yeah!, it was an overwhelming gig with a lot of fans and headbangers as well as a great performance on our side.

For all who had to stay home, some pictures can be found at and There is also a video snippet of our song From Outer Space and a full video of Karma/Flight Of The Warrior.

That day, we were able to enjoy the shows of Municipal Waste and Sabaton.
The following days, I managed to watch the shows of other bands like Knorkator, JBO, Eluveitie and many more.

Darkmoon Festival III (2012)

On saturday, the 28th of July, we could repeat a successful gig, because it was the second time in a row we headlined the Darkmoon Festival (last years review: Darkmoon Festival II (2011)). And it is with great pleasure that we see the festival grow up, become bigger and more diversified.
The festival started on friday. A lot of Black and Death Metal bands played that day, headlined by Demonical from Sweden.
Before we played on saturday, Hatul, Gothic from Romania and our friends of Ritual Killing, and Dragonsfire presented their music and entertained the crowd. And after Dies Ater and a firedance show, the whole festival crowd gathered in front of the stage to see us. At 0:30 am, we started our set and outperformed last year’s show. For our home fans, we brought another fresh new song with us named The Alliance.
Just like last year, some metalheads entered the stage with their inflated guitars and sang the song Run To The Hills with us.
We would like to thank ERDI for this successful festival and we hope the best for the next year’s edition.



Once again, we can look back to an amazing festival weekend at the Hellfest in Clisson.
Some of you might ask how we could get a slot at the biggest Heavy Metal festival in France?
MAD tourbooking gave us a chance to perform on a big stage and confirmed this gig already a few months earlier. We were happy about this but we also knew that it had to be a perfect show. After all, they expected about 40,000 visitors.

Our little journey began on Wednesday, june 13th, at night. As we arrived in france, this ride turned into a “Highway to hell(fest)”. Not because of the fact we were in france ;-), but it was so fucking hot in our tourbus :-D. So after 20 hours of driving we were relieved to be in Clisson. The next day, we woke up at 8 o’clock to enter the backstage. Only then did we recognize the unique design and the dimensions of Hellfest.
After our soundcheck, the first bands opened up the Hellfest and everyone of us was becoming nervous. At exactly 11:05 am, our chance to blow the minds of some frenchmen had come. It has to be said that maybe most of the attenders didn’t know Alpha Tiger before. But everyone enjoyed the show, we enjoyed it too – that’s how it’s gotta be!
We only had a 30-minute set of five songs. It’s obvious that this is too little time for an Alpha Tiger show ;-)

Setlist: Intro(Starriders)/Against the time
  Crimson Desert
  Along the rising sun
  From outer space

After our amazing show, we enjoyed the rest of the festival, drank beer and pastis with other metalheads and, of course, we saw some other bands … Although we are a band ourself, we are still fans of other metal bands :-)
Ozzy & friends, Guns’n Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mötley Crüe, King Diamond, Uriah Heep, and also my favorites Unisonic, Heaven Shall Burn, Megadeth, Machine Head, Exodus, All shall perish, Black Label Society, August burns red, Hatebreed, Slash, Trivium … I felt like a little child in the land of milk and honey :-D
We decided to drive back home after Ozzy & friends’ show in the night, because we had a 20-hour trip ahead of us again.
To sum it up, it was a great weekend with all those bands and new Alpha Tiger fans. Also, we would like to thank our bus drivers ERDI & SHOX and especially thank MAD tourbooking to who we owe this important gig.


De nouveau, nous pouvons faire un retour en arrière sur un weekend de festival super au Hellfest à Clisson. Probablement, il y’en a parmi vous qui se demandent comment ca se fait que nous étions au plus grand festival de Heavy Métal en France ?

MAD tourbooking nous avait donné l’occasion de jouer sur une grande scène et avait confirmé notre prestation quelques mois avant déjà. Nous étions assez contents mais nous savions également que notre show devait être parfait. Tout de même, on attendait à peu près 40.000 spectateurs!

Notre petit voyage a commencé mercredi, le 13 juin, dans la nuit. Dès qu’on avait passé la frontière française, ce trajet tournait en un véritable « Highway to hell(fest) ». Ce n’était pas parce que nous étions en France, mais parce qu’il faisait insupportablement chaud dans notre minibus. Après 20 heures de trajet, nous étions donc tous soulagés d’être arrivé à Clisson. Le lendemain, on s’est levé à 8 heures du matin pour entrer derrière les coulisses. Ce n’était qu’à ce moment là qu’on se rendait compte du design unique et des dimensions gigantesques du « Hellfest ».
Après notre soundcheck, les premiers groupes ont commencés à entamer le « Hellfest » et on était tous de plus en plus excités. À très exactement 11h05, notre occasion d’époustoufler les français était venue. Il faut souligner que la plupart des spectateurs ne connaissait pas du tout Alpha Tigre avant ce concert. Mais tout le monde a bien profité de notre prestation, nous, on a bien profité aussi – c’est tout ce qu’il faut pour un bon concert !
Vu qu’on n’avait que 30 minutes sur scène, on n’a joué que 5 morceaux. Il est évident que ce n’est pas assez de temps pour un spectacle d’« Alpha Tigre »

Setlist: Intro(Starriders)/Against the time
  Crimson Desert
  Along the rising sun
  From outer space

Après notre prestation extraordinaire, nous avons bien profité du reste du festival, on a bu des bières et du pastis avec d’autres fans de métal et on a vu quelques autres groupes aussi, bien sur. Bien que nous sommes un groupe nous même, nous sommes fan d’autres groupes quand même.
Ozzy & friends, Guns’n Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mötley Crüe, King Diamond, Uriah Heep, et aussi mes groupes préferés Unisonic, Heaven Shall Burn, Megadeth, Machine Head, Exodus, All shall perish, Black Label Society, August burns red, Hatebreed, Slash, Trivium 
…Je me sentais comme un petit enfant dans le pays du lait et du miel. On a décidé de repartir après le concert d’ »Ozzy & friends » pendant la nuit, parce qu’on avait de nouveau un trajet de 20 heures à faire.
En résume, c’était un excellent weekend avec tout ces groupes et les nouveaux fans d’ ALPHA TIGER. En plus, on aimerait remercier nos chauffeurs ERDI & SHOX et surtout MAD tourbooking qui nous a permis de participer à ce spectacle important.

Rock Hard 2012

We had been waiting for a long time to play at this year’s RockHard festival, because it was one of the bigger festivals on which we could expect many Tiger fans in front of the stage. Unfortunately, because we arrived in Gelsenkirchen, where the Rock Hard took place, only around noon at that Saturday, May 26th, we did not manage to see bands like Kvelertak, Ram, Krisiun & Turbonegro. Shortly after the arrival, we set up our tents on the camp grounds and were also recognized by lots of metalheads which was very nice, too. Only then we could start listening and watching bands.
Sadly, I couldn’t see Dr. Living Dead, but together we could watch Unleashed, Tankard & Psychotic Waltz. We also met our friends from Portrait, which we got to know at the Metal Inferno in Paderborn.
Without having seen Bolt Thrower, we went into a hotel to be fit and well-rested for our opening show.
We arrived in the backstage area at 9:30 am. Because we were the opening act, we had a chilled built up, but inside, we became more excited every second. At 12 o’clock, our friend BRUDER CLE, a writer from RockHard magazine, introduced us and then the intro of our Song “Starriders” was started.

While running on stage we all were captured by this overwhelming moment. One after another, we fired the songs like cannonballs into the crowd. From the first second on, no one stood still and was freaking out. During every break, our fans shouted “tiger! tiger!” as in unison, what impressed me the most. Even our two new songs could stand the test of this ambitious crowd.
After 40 minutes, we finished our show under roaring applause.

At the autograph session we saw how many people we could impress and became a part of our Tiger Crew :-) We had a lot of fun during this session and even a guitar was signed.
After this last band duty, we had a great time with some fans, listen to other bands and had a great time backstage with Graveyard & Unisonic.

So thanks to all of our fans who were there. It was a great time during the whole festival with you. I appreciate this :-)
If we have our next gig in this region, we would like to have the same amazing audience ;-)

Fly with me along the rising sun…

Videos from the RockHard:
Flight of the Warrior (Riot Cover)
From outer space (new song)

Heavy Metal Breakdown 2012 in Freiberg

It was almost one year ago since we had played in our hometown and our fans were hungry to see us again at the Traincontrol. The Heavy Metal Breakdown is organized by Erdi yearly and this time we were supported by Space Chaser and TORMENTOR. At this day, we were excited a lot because we knew it would be a great gig.
Space Chaser opened this event at 8 pm and there were so many people present like you wouldn’t believe. Although they were opening the event, they heated up the club with their Thrash Metal á la Agent Steel. They also shook off the tiredness from visiting the KIT 2012 so one wouldn’t believe they had been there partying :-D

TORMENTOR was the second band playing on this gig. Those guys are young indeed, but they played thrash metal straight in your face…without mercy. And, fuck yeah, I can’t remember hearing the song „Agent Orange“ by Sodom at THIS neckbreaking speed xD
Space Chaser and TORMENTOR did a really good job. However, most of the audience were there because of only one band: ALPHA TIGER.

We were excited as hell because we heard the collective „ALPHA TIGER“-shouts from outside :-D
And then … we began to play! It was an amazing feeling to stand on that stage while our fans were singing our songs (anyway, they’ve had enough time to learn the lyrics ;-D). Most fans know that we are notorious for our excessive consumption of KIRSCH (sour cherry liqueur) so we annihilated almost 3 bottles of it while playing our songs. That was hard but it worked :-D It felt like a small eternity but we played almost 1,5 hours and and despite the fact that all the fans were getting exhausted more and more because they went crazy in the pit, everyone screamed for more songs.
xD Unfortunatly, after our last song „Run to the hills“ by Iron Maiden, to which many fans were standing onstage and singing along, we had to finish our show.

To sum it up, it was a extremely amazing evening with all our friends, SPACECHASER, TORMENTOR, the god of KIRSCH! Also, we’d like to thank Erdi once again from the bottom of our hearts for organizing the whole thing and making it a very successful evening!


Metal Inferno 2012

The Metal Inferno took place in Paderborn the 8th time. On friday, the 27th april, bands like Mercury Tide, Burden of Grief, Lay Down Rotten and the former singer of Iron Maiden BLAZE BAYLEY entertainign all those present. Unfortunately, since we only arrived the following day and couldn’t watch these bands.
During the relaxed preparation for our show, Escart and Ophis opened the festival on this sunny day. But then it was time to present our finest Saxonian heavy metal. From the first second on, our few yet ambitioned fans were headbanging to the rhythms, singing the songs and, all in all, were having a great time with us. But after 45 minutes, we already had to finish our set.
But the visitors didn’t have to be sad about that, because the festival held more bands in store for them
After our show, we saw The Very End, Portrait, Deadlock, which I really liked, and Communic. Due to the fact that we had to leave, we were not able to see Illdisposed.

Thank you guys for supporting us and giving our show a certain special flair.
And cheers to the guys of Portrait, you are so fucking nuts!!!